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A lung biopsy is usually required to order medrol online the diagnosis, unless the diagnosis is made by HRCT. Bronchoscopic transbronchial biopsy can rule out IBLAP by establishing the diagnosis of another disease, but does not provide sufficient tissue to diagnose IBLAB. As a result, diagnosis may require biopsy of a large number of sites during open or video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery. Bronchoalveolar lavage helps narrow the differential diagnosis in some patients and provides information about disease progression and response to treatment. However, the usefulness of this procedure in the initial clinical evaluation and follow-up in most cases of this disease has not been established.

Interstitial pneumonia is often the result of viral diseases, influenza, that provoke the destruction of lung tissue. Inflammation disrupts the functionality of the lungs, and the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen changes. Interstitial pneumonia has an unclear etymology, which is characterized by shortness of breath, dry cough with a small amount of sputum, and general malaise. Interstitial pneumonia is considered a serious and dangerous lung disease, which is difficult to determine for the pathogen. Inflammation is difficult to treat and often ends unfavorably.

Incorrect therapy leads to patient disability or death. The outcome of the disease directly depends on the manifestation of pulmonary fibrosis and the type of disease. According to statistics, patient survival does not exceed 5 years, and due to the manifestation of pneumosclerosis or cardiopulmonary failure, life expectancy is no more than 3 years. Interstitial pneumonia is a serious disease, which, even with proper therapy, has a maximum mortality rate of 50-70%.

Improvement and normalization of the general well-being of the patient with interstitial pneumonia occurs only in 75% of medrol pills, the remaining 35% of patients have a 10-year survival rate. In the case of desquamative pneumonia, improvement occurs in 2/3 of cases, 5-year survival is observed in 93%, and 10-year survival in 69%. You can get rid of RB-ILD by completely giving up cigarettes; in certain cases, progression of the disease with subsequent relapses may be observed. Patients are systematically vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal infection.